Be OK with where you are, even if you want to change.

We’ve all been there…in that moment where you find yourself looking to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else as you develop some kind of warped vision in your mind of what you think YOU should be. It’s a real problem. Especially now that technology and social media make it so easy to compare yourself to others. It’s destructive…you are you…the ONE AND ONLY – and that is fabulous. You are never going to look exactly like that model on TV or in the magazine (that is photoshopped and airbrushed to perfection). You are never going to look like anyone else but yourself. You have to give yourself permission to love your body and feel comfortable in your own skin. Accept where you are at. Are you 10 lbs overweight? 20? 30? 10 lbs underweight? Do you wish you had more muscle? Leaner legs? Better abs? SURE…there are a million things that people sit around and wish all day long. It isn’t until you love yourself that you can achieve any kind of greatness by transforming yourself on the outside. It has taken a LONG time, but I’ve learned to just accept ME. Regardless of my size, physique, how I wear my hair, how much makeup I wear, what outfit I choose to wear…to the core – I am still Ashlee.

I refuse to not enjoy and not take pride in this journey that I'm taking as I head to the WBFF stage on May 25th. Yes – I am extremely focused on the end result – but I am making a promise to myself to enjoy this every step of the way. So – here it is…this is me – starting out.

December 14th, I paid a visit to JR at Elite Nutrition who will be my guide for nutrition as I train for this show. It took a lot for me to even go see him because I was so NERVOUS about what my beginning stats would be. Having just had a baby a little over 8 months ago – I knew that I wouldn't have very low body fat. SNAP OUT OF IT, ASHLEE. You have to start somewhere, right? Well – these are the results:

December 14, 2012
Weight: 119.8 lbs
Body Fat: 23.31%
Lean Mass: 91.8 lbs
Fat Mass: 27.93 lbs

OK- I’m done cringing at these silly numbers. I do have a lot of work to do – which I am so excited about. I can’t wait to give this all I got!!!

I am accepting where I am at – feeling fabulous – and ready to go!

148 Days To Go! I got this!
148 Days To Go! I got this!


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