Choices and Change

We are given choices on a daily basis – 24 hours a day…choices on what we eat, how we spend our time, who we choose to surround ourselves with. These are all choices that we are lucky to be given. No one dictates what you do, but yourself. Sure, there are things that we “have” to do – such as make a living, go to work, etc. This is a small portion of your life. The little things that you do all day are what matters the most.  It is actually really empowering once you realize that you can make your life what you want it to be!

A little history on me – I have not always been this confident, motivated, competitive person. I think I always had it in me – but it just took meeting the right people and making the right choices to actually bring it out. You don’t have to surround yourself with people who have no interest in making you a better person and supporting your goals and ambitions. Once you filter some of that nonsense out of your life, you’ll find that being happy and healthy becomes just a little bit easier.

So – my advice to everyone and a reminder to myself is START TODAY. Start making better choices NOW. Stop putting things off because you don’t believe in yourself. Don’t wait to start a healthy diet or a regular work out routine. Why wait? What are you waiting for? I GUARANTEE you will be happier if you start making better choices now, than waiting for a certain day or event to come along that will magically prompt lasting change.

I decided on December 14th, 2012 that I was making a change. I’ve been into fitness and things of that nature for awhile now, but I wanted to take things to the next level. With deciding to do this WBFF Bikini competition, I knew that the changes I was deciding to make on that day would stick. They HAD to…I have a rather large end goal in sight (and I don’t want to jiggle on stage come May 25th!!) Although I started to make these changes because of this competition I’ve decided to do…I fully believe that I’ve found a new passion for health and fitness and these are changes that are going to become my lifestyle. Like I said – I started on December 14th – went and saw JR at Elite Nutrition in Legacy (definitely go see him if you’re in need of a very knowledgeable sports nutritionist!!) He tested my body fat and set me up with my diet and supplements. He wanted me to follow this diet as closely as I could over the holidays (challenging) and come back in 2 weeks for a follow up. It was extremely HARD…but I did stick to the diet almost perfectly. It was A LOT OF FOOD. I had trouble most days getting all of my meals in. I just wasn’t used to eating that much healthy food. It’s filling! I was never hungry!!

So – here we go…after 2 weeks of this diet and doing most of the workouts on my own…my results were FANTASTIC.

Weight: 119.8lbs  118.4 lbs

Lean Body Mass: 91.87 lbs 92.49 lbs

Fat Body Mass: 27.93 lbs 25.91 lbs

Body Fat Percentage: 23.31% 21.88%

I was ecstatic! And so were JR and my Trainer, Aundrea Annin. They were very impressed with my results after only 2 weeks!! It felt SO good to see some results after 2 weeks of consistency. It really does pay off!

Love my #1 trainer and cheerleader!! :)
Love my #1 trainer and cheerleader!! 🙂

Another update on a goal I set…I told my trainer that I wanted to be able to do AT LEAST 1 unassisted pull up by 2013. Another goal ACHIEVED! There is no stopping this girl!


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