Making it a Way of Life!

Here I am about 16 weeks out from my competition (WBFF Bikini!) on May 25th…feeling AMAZING most days, defeated some days, frustrated on other days, but overall – CONFIDENT in my ability to conquer this! I am learning a lot about myself through this process. And it is, very much so, a PROCESS. I didn’t think it would be this difficult in the beginning…at all. I figured – all I have to do is eat what my nutritionist tells me to – do the workouts – and then BAM – step on stage and strut my stuff on May 25th. You don’t think about all the hurdles along the way when you decide to take on something like this. I’ve had a couple rounds of the flu, not been able to stick to the diet, and missed workouts. Some days I couldn’t find a babysitter so I could go workout…some days I miss a meal here or there or eat something I REALLY SHOULDN’T while training (soft spot for sweets!). It’s not easy! I had to change my way of thinking. If I just kept focusing on all of the things I couldn’t have or do right now, I would go crazy.

I’m trying to take more of a “Training for Life” approach. I’ve had numerous people ask me, “What are you going to do after your show?” “Are you going to keep training?” “Are you going to go on an ALL OUT binge?!” ” Are you going to do more shows?” I’m not letting the show I’m doing be an end all to my fitness journey! Hell no! I’ve been working far too hard to just throw it all away after May 25th. I will keep training, I will get stronger, I will continue to eat right! It’s all very important to me and my way of life.


I’ve seen and experienced too much avoidable sickness due to 1) Not eating right 2) Not exercising and 3) Not having a healthy mind. The key word is avoidable! I haven’t been dealt the greatest hand when it comes to my genes…diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure are a few ailments that all run in my family. Now – I know not all of these are avoidable no matter how healthy you are…but the ones that are avoidable – I want to stay away from! I think that is why I am so passionate about trying to live a healthy life. I just wish ALL of my loved ones would take the proactive approach and stop being REACTIVE to these diseases as well. But, the only person I can control is ME…my actions, the way I live…and hope to influence and inspire a few people along the way. Who am I hoping to inspire? EVERYONE! My family, friends, children, adults, strangers, people with insecurities, people with goals and ambitions driven toward becoming a healthier version of themselves  – whoever is looking to be inspired! I just want to make a difference. I feel the most gratification when I know that I’ve helped or inspired someone else through leading by example.

So – yes I plan to make this a way of life! I’ve never been happier or healthier, so why wouldn’t I want to stay on this track? I am in the best shape of my life and it really does feel great. Who knew I had abs?! Not me…especially with a 10 month old baby! I would have never thought I’d be in the best shape of my life at almost 28 years old and a baby later!

Alright down to the results…how am I doing on my progress? Let’s see…


Weight: 119.8 lb

Lean Body Mass: 91.87 lb

Fat Body Mass: 27.93 lb

Body Fat Percentage: 23.31%


Weight: 118.0 lb

Lean Body Mass: 94.30 lb

Fat Body Mass: 23.70 lb

Body Fat Percentage: 20.08%

So…in a month and a half, I have lost 4.23 lbs of body fat and gained 2.43 lbs of muscle. My body fat percentage is down 3.23%.

Lesson to all you people out there (and my old self) who are SO focused on that damn number on the scale…if you look at my results, my weight is down only 1.8 lbs…but I’ve lost over 4 lbs of FAT (yuck!) and gained over 2 lbs of muscle so far! That number on the scale does not define your progress. Keep that in mind next time you try to get down on yourself when that number isn’t budging as much as you’d like. Maybe you’re packing on some muscle like me!

Where did these come from?!
Where did these come from?!

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