What makes a person beautiful? It’s not about a look. It’s not about being physically pleasing to the eye of strangers, rather being true to yourself and practicing what fills your soul with happiness. That is what makes a person beautiful.

Maybe it’s a woman thing, maybe it’s a media thing, maybe it’s a culture thing….who knows!! But it’s a serious issue. Why is it that when most people think “beauty”, it’s in reference to looks? It’s bullshit and it needs to change.

If I leave any kind if legacy behind me when I go, I hope and pray that it’s a legacy that reflects a kind, happy spirit.

The reason I chose this topic for this blog is because I’ve been given the impression that some people think what I’m pursuing with the WBFF is superficial. First off- no I do not care what other people think about how I chose to live my life-AT ALL. Second-I have found something that I am passionate about. I am living with a dedicated purpose driven towards achieving physically and mentally challenging goals! I am a competitor. I love challenging my body-because at the end of the day, it’s a mind game. My mind has grown immensely stronger! My ability to believe in myself, my confidence, and self love has NEVER been stronger. And that, my friends-is Beautiful.

Believe in your abilities, invest your time in things that make your heart happy. Forget about the rest. You can’t go wrong.


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