Recreating Yourself

I’ve given a lot of thought to the notion that “People don’t change” lately. I believe that as we age, we are ever evolving and that change IS possible.  However, some people get stuck in a rut and become complacent about where they are at in life and who they’ve allowed themselves to become. It takes a conscious effort to grow into something else once you’ve reached your late 20’s and beyond. By that time, you may have developed habits and patterns that you think you cannot change. Well – let me drop a little science on you real quick…here’s the deal. Your brain has developed somewhat of a pattern to it’s thought reasoning. It’s fused connections between one thought and another…and your mind has become EFFICIENT at thinking a certain way because it requires less energy. Much like exercise – forcing your mind to operate differently than what is comfortable is CHALLENGING.  And because of that, your mind jumps to what it knows, what is comfortable, and what might probably be unhealthy.  I will use eating disorders as an example – people who struggle with these kinds of disorders have developed unhealthy patterns – most likely as a coping mechanism. Their minds have developed negative thought patterns and established connections from one negative thought to another which, in turn, convinces them to ACT a certain way…starving themselves, binging/purging, over eating, etc. when they are confronted with difficult situations.  I am not claiming to be a doctor or know the science of mental health disorders… but I am just letting you know what I’ve educated myself on, and my opinion of it. ***There’s my disclaimer***

It literally takes thousands of repetitions to re-train your brain in the conscious state. That’s a lot of work! But you didn’t develop bad habits overnight, either. So –it’s time to get to work!  And a million props to the people that have overcome disorders like these, because you can see the tremendous amount of brain power it takes to conquer those demons. Anyone can change their body, but it takes one hell of a strong person to change their mind.

That being said, I would think about where you are now, and where you want to be…then start making some smaller goals to fill in so that you can get from A to B. It may take some time, but greatness doesn’t come easy. Stop making excuses for yourself. If you truly want to be something else, be better, stronger, faster, healthier… whatever the case may be – you can do it. You just need a plan. Without a plan, you will most likely fail – it’s the truth. Too many people want, want, want….but when they realize how much planning and dedication go into what they WANT – they give up. Don’t be that person. Challenge your mind and body, develop a plan, and you will become whatever you set out to be.

Take care of yourselves and be healthy – in mind and body. ❤Image


2 thoughts on “Recreating Yourself

  1. So true. I am on my way to changing my diet. Getting rid of crap. It is not easy because of the habits that I have developed with my eating. I used to think, “I can eat whatever and be fine.” I am learning that it isn’t so. So much of how we feel is based on what we put in our body. You look great and you are inspiring. Look at those buff arms!! 🙂

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