My blogs are usually centered around me, my life, what I’m doing – but I try my best to make the overall message applicable to all people so that they can apply it to whatever area of their life they want to. With that being said, I’m focusing on Competition. Competition -defined as a contest between rivals. In the face of competition, we usually experience 1 of 3 emotions: FEAR – which paralyzes us; DOUBT – which haunts us; or DRIVE – which catapults us to success. And it’s completely normal to experience all 3 emotions consecutively within a matter of minutes! Makes you feel a little crazy – but it’s just how we work. 

There is a common theme I’ve noticed when speaking about Competition. I hear a lot of, “I want to be better than her/him”; “I HAVE to beat so and so”; “I will just DIE if he or she wins!” This is all WRONG – unhealthy and wrong. (Guilty) Sure – it is always nice to have a little fun competition against someone else…no matter what kind of competition it is. However – we need to start thinking of competition in a sense of a rivalry against ourselves. Old vs New. This is how we grow. I think of my competition in ALL areas of my life (work, home, fitness, etc) as being a battle to be better than I was before. If I sat around all day and compared what I’m doing to what other people are doing, and let my motivation in life be driven by the will to beat others at something – I would be let down too often. As a woman, I like CONTROL (then again-who doesn’t?!). You know what I can control? What I am doing on a daily basis to reach my goals I’ve put in place. You know what I can’t control? What others are doing. So why do I care? It’s hard to stop comparing yourselves to others, but I promise that once you do – you are going to find yourself in a much happier place. 

You need a reference point in life. Let that reference point be YOURSELF – not someone else. It is fine to use other people’s actions as motivation…but only use others as guides, not as comparisons. Compare what you are doing and what you’ve done ONLY to what you’ve done in the past. That should be your reference point…and your control in this experiment we call life.

So – at the end of the day, are you making strides to be better than you were yesterday? Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, professionally? If not – then stop and take the time to evaluate where you want to go. WRITE IT DOWN. And then make a few smaller goals that can be your checkpoints on your way to your bigger goal. Hold yourself accountable. 

Want to know what my competition against myself was over the last 4 months? (Fitness Related)  I wanted to be able to do 1 unassisted pull up…blew that one out of the water in no time! Then I wanted to do 2…then 3…then 10! Well…I’m at 6 – and I have about 5 weeks to get to 10 in a row. Am I jealous of the girl at the gym who can bust out 10 in a row right now with ease? Hmmm….I want to say yes – but NO! She worked hard for that – using her as a guide and comparing my progress against myself! No jealousy…pride in the fact that I used to be able to do 0, and now I’m at 6. See how this works, people? 🙂



Stay positive, and focus on yourself – not what others are doing – when measuring your progress and assessing your competition. The person standing in the way of you and success is YOU. Make things happen!


8 thoughts on “Competition

  1. “Stay positive, and focus on yourself – not what others are doing – when measuring your progress and assessing your competition.”

    That is great advice, thank you for the reminder. Cheers!

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