Recap of my whirlwind of a weekend in KC for the WBFF Central Championship


Since I didn’t make it into the “Top 5” in my show…I figured I’d carry the “Top 5” theme into what I’m going to call my “Top 5” realizations from the weekend.

1)      Road tripping with some of my best girls is FUN and I don’t do this enough…realization #1 – Friendships and bonding with my girls is a key to my happiness. I’ve made some great friends through this process…you know who you are, you little Shredded & Sexy Divas! Love you!

2)      The only person’s opinion of ME that truly matters is my own.  Yes – I was in the competition to be “judged” on some pretty superficial things…however – the only person’s opinion of myself that I truly took to heart that day was my own. Looking at myself and how far I’ve come was so fulfilling. I felt like a true star.

3)      I have the GREATEST husband in the entire world and the most supportive family and friends a person could ever ask for. Blessed beyond belief.  Unconditional support was provided from my family and friends, and their raw excitement that I saw from the stage when I stepped out there really touched my heart!

4)      I don’t know what “Balance” is – nor do I function well without living in the extremes (need to work on this).  As soon as it was over – my mind was racing…”What do I do now!?” I had a feeling this would happen.  I will say that the competition prep did provide me with a structure that I realized I need even after the competition was over. I don’t need to be as rigid as I was with the competition dieting…but the overall structure of the diet and workouts is a staple that I am carrying into my everyday life. I actually learned HOW to eat, and how to appropriately fuel my body so I feel good. Bonus!

5)      The “I will be happy when I’m (insert anything related to body image here)” needs to stop. In the past I’ve said…ok – I will be happy when I lose X lbs of fat…or I will be happy when I gain X lbs of muscle…or I will be happy when I can see my abs…or I will be happy when I lose a certain percent of body fat. Stop, Stop, Stop. I will never be happy if and when a certain thing occurs if I can’t accept and love myself where I’m at. SO – realization #5…which should actually be up at the top #1 spot is YOU HAVE GOT TO LOVE YOURSELF…above everything else. No matter what is going on with the stupid numbers, lbs, percentages, reflection, etc…loving yourself is a #1 priority. Believe it or not – this competition has helped me achieve this. Forever grateful!

It’s a really interesting environment backstage at a fitness competition. We were all nervous…all excited…all in it together.  I was able to share a room backstage with some pretty fabulous women. There was myself and my Shredded & Sexy counterpart, Nicole Ray. There were 2 gorgeous twins with the best little butts ever – Candace and Lauren Mead. There was a woman doing her 14th show-Brea Sharron! There was a gorgeous mom of a 4 (and 3 quarters)  year old precious girl…Trina Hanssen.  And a shredded little diva (turned PRO) who was competing in both Fitness and Bikini – so she was EXTRA busy bouncing back and forth – Arianna Hernandez. We lucked out with the girls we had in our room to spend the entire day with. They made it fun, entertaining and relaxed. I couldn’t have asked for better dynamics in our room backstage!Image


There was a morning pre-judging show that started at 10:30 am. I was a big ball of nerves!All the hours of practicing my t-walk routine, all the workouts and dieting all came down to this 1 minute I had on stage to WOW the judges! I was #123 in my group of 20 Bikini Short competitors. I was towards the end of the group – which was good so that I didn’t have to stand on stage forever and pose in the background while everyone else came out. When it was finally my turn to step out there – I don’t quite recall what song was playing or even what the announcer said. I just remember thinking, ok here we go – DON’T FALL! I must say that I rocked the stage…executed my walk and felt really good about it. Although I was SHAKING so bad!! It was so nerve racking! My husband was there to watch the morning pre-judging. He claims you couldn’t see me shaking and that I looked relaxed and confident – thank goodness. The night show at 6pm went even better. I was more relaxed and had more fun with it. I tried to flirt with the judges a little…got this tip from Lallenia Birge 😉


Being out there on that stage was a really big milestone for me. All of the hard work I put in, all of the obstacles I overcame while training, everything just kind of rushed over me as I was standing in the lights. I had conquered something that I NEVER in a million years would have dreamed that I could do! I keep watching the video that my husband took and it makes me smile SO BIG because I’m just so proud of myself. I really put it all out there! It was so fun and liberating. I felt so strong and empowered.  Chicken, sweet potatoes, and veggies DO pay off!! (Thanks J.R. Kingery at Elite Nutrition in Omaha-Legacy!!)


I received so many texts, messages, and e-mails saying how great I did…and more importantly – how inspiring I was. That is why I set out on this journey. I wanted to ignite my own passion, but also inspire others! Knowing that I’ve made a positive impact in other people’s lives just through the choices I had been making on a daily basis was so cool. That made it all worth it. I will admit that I was bummed out that I didn’t place…HOWEVER…winning the Crowd Favorite award was even better! Out of 140 athletes, the crowd chose me as their favorite. I had a pretty LOUD cheering section which helped push me to the top here!! Thank you all! I won a lot of free supplements and also a feature in Fit & Firm Magazine! I was thrilled…still am!


I really did love the experience…and I have to lend that to the organization in which I chose to participate. The WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) is one of a kind. It is glamorous, sophisticated and FUN. It is a true production…you feel like you are the star of the show. It was organized and really just a blast to be a part of it. WBFF Pro, Micah LaCerte, and his gorgeous wife, Diana Chaloux LaCerte, put together the right mix of fun, professionalism, glamour, entertainment and sophistication to make the US Central Championship show one of a kind! Allison Dillett, Exec VP of the WBFF, set the stage for all of the competitors at the welcome meeting. She really stressed the importance of displaying your confidence on stage, and really getting up there to SHINE. I love the WBFF and what it stands for. I definitely plan to continue competing exclusively with the WBFF….all while trying to figure out a time to add to my growing family. I WILL make it happen – I have yet to let myself down when I set a goal. Work in progress….I’m confident my trainer, WBFF Pro Aundrea Annin will get me there! This “Crowd Favorite” needs to snag herself a trophy!



2 thoughts on “Recap of my whirlwind of a weekend in KC for the WBFF Central Championship

  1. Thank you for writing this! I love your honest assessment and hope I will be able to compete in 2014. Reading your thoughts are so encouraging to me as a rookie. You look gorgeous by the way!

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