You Are What You Eat!

Sad reality…cliché…but it’s true! I remember while training for my show, I had a moment of weakness and seriously binged on some horrible food…Chinese! The worst! I felt extremely disappointed in myself and promised myself I would run until I burned off every single extra calorie that I consumed (thousands). And I did. I confessed to my trainer what happened. The thing I love about her is that she is honest…she doesn’t let me throw a pity party – or at least she doesn’t want to be invited to it! She told me to stop running, it’s not going to matter. It is what it is, and I just had to stick to my diet and training, and it will eventually even out.  I was still convinced that all that extra running I did burned it all off anyway. I had a reality check when I went to go get my body fat checked that next week! My body fat jumped over 2% in a matter of 1 week!

My trainer once told me, “You can’t exercise off a bad diet”. If you are like most people, you like to indulge every now and then (which is ok in moderation). However-that allowance you give yourself to have just ONE more bite (which we all know leads to 39 more bites) of whatever it is that you just can’t resist is usually followed up quickly with guilt, followed next by justification. You may feel guilty for a second, and then you justify your actions…”I deserve this” and then quickly start calculating how many miles you need to run to burn it off. Some people voice it out loud so that they can let other people around them know that they fully intend on preventing that donut from heading straight to their ass and thighs. Others have a silent inner battle with themselves – beating themselves up for hours on end until they make their way to a treadmill (only after googling how many calories are in a Krispy Kreme donut…so that they know how many they have to burn off).

It doesn’t work that way. Nutrition and being fit is more than just calories in/calories out. Now, if you are just looking for weight loss – a calories in/calories out type of approach is always a good starting point (I stress STARTING point). However – I am talking about being truly fit. Think about how much more your sweat sessions would pay off if you stuck to a healthy diet. I see it all the time…that guy or girl in the gym on the treadmill/elliptical – running for hours on end…not making any progress (used to be me). Maybe they don’t have goals in mind that entail being physically fit…maybe they just want to feel less guilty about drinking and binging all weekend…which is fine, too. Maybe running is a stress reliever for them – also fine.  Maybe we just have different goals. Totally fine! But – to that person who is stuck in a rut – trying to outrun their calories in search of a 6 pack…it’s time for a new approach!

 If you are really interested in becoming truly fit – you have no excuse. The most overly used excuse I hear is, “I don’t know what to do in the gym…I don’t have a trainer like you”. What is Google for?! Get on the internet, and start researching. Trainer or no trainer…nutritionist or no nutritionist. You will figure it out. You need to equip yourself with the right tools in order to be successful. No one is going to hand you your dream physique on a silver platter next to your fried chicken wings and ranch dressing.  As with any goal – put a plan in action, and stick with it! It won’t be easy and results will not come overnight.  Persistence pays off, though. Follow through!

This, you may find interesting. After my show – I spent 2 WHOLE WEEKS eating whatever the heck I wanted. I took full advantage. Everything I’d been missing. I had things that I hadn’t even eaten in years! Oreos, cheetos, cinnamon rolls, BUTTER, the very extensive list goes on. My body was loving all that sugar and carbs! My mid-section? Not so much. I can not believe the change in my body from the day of my show. I was still working out – lifting and cardio. I was running sprints the day after my show. I did not slack there. This just goes to show you that you are what you eat – regardless of your physical activity.  

Here is my dilemma…or should I say, opportunity? I have a photo shoot on Friday with my team of girls I train with! Eek!!! I am doing a bit of an experiment on how much I can change the physical appearance of my body in 5 days – just by changing my diet. SO – Sunday ended with a DQ Blizzard, and I hopped back on my healthy, clean diet on Monday. I am going to post pictures on Friday of how I looked on Monday – and the results I’m coming into the photo shoot with on Friday. No “skinny wraps”, no tricks or gimmicks, no magic pill or shake…just good old chicken, veggies, and sweet potatoes – and LOTS of water.

This should be interesting…..


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