As we all know, I recently (now 3 weeks ago) competed in the WBFF KC Central Championship show. I came in looking the best I ever have! It was an amazing transformation for me – inside and out. I gained so much out of the experience – most importantly, knowledge about nutrition. Killing yourself day in and day out at the gym for hours at a time is NOT going to produce the results you are looking for if you’re following up your gym sesh with a cheese burger and fries. I guarantee it. I don’t care if you run 10 miles the next day to “burn off” the 10 beers you drank the night before. It does not matter. Your body does something with everything you put into it. Depending on the nutrients in the food, the quantity, and the frequency of your meals – your body is either using that fuel to power that amazing machine of a body you have, or storing it somewhere – likely your ass, thighs, stomach, arms, etc. Hate to break it to ya. It’s more or less THAT SIMPLE.

I, like everyone else, get cravings every now and then. I get discouraged from time to time when I don’t get the automatic results I want in the gym. I get down on myself when I have a cheat meal here and there. I am human. These things happen. I don’t let them steer me off of my path to success, though. My PLAN after my show was to take 1 week and eat whatever the hell I wanted…not have to plan, measure, and pack my meals….just live and not really care for a week. Well…the bad part is that it turned into 2 weeks. Woops! I guess I couldn’t fit enough oreos, pancakes, blizzards, and peanut butter into 1 week to satisfy the deprivation I’d gone through for 6 months of eating clean! I was still exercising…lifting and a little bit of cardio here and there. But, I was eating whatever I wanted pretty much.

My abs had disappeared under a new layer of fat that I’d put on after 2 weeks, and I was getting down on myself. I know it was only 2 weeks…but unless you’ve done a show – you probably can’t relate to how much of a change your body can actually go through in the 2 weeks following your show! You get down to the smallest size, lowest body fat you’ve ever been at. And then you eat a pancake and BAM! Abs gone, ass jiggles. Ok…it’s not that severe…but you get it.


So – this week – after wrapping up my Sunday with a S’mores and Butterfinger Blizzard from DQ RIGHT BEFORE BED…I made a commitment to myself that I would eat clean for 5 days (Mon-Fri) and see how much of a change my body actually goes through when I focus on changing my diet. Keep in mind that I did not change my workouts, cardio, or anything. PURELY DIET. And when I say “diet”, I don’t mean eat 500 calories a day….I was back on my chicken and veggies all day long. I was not counting calories, but probably came in around 1500-1700 a day. I actually did LESS cardio than the weeks prior – I did NO cardio. I had planned on getting up for some fasted cardio sessions…but I was just too damn lazy, I’ll admit it. So, for these 5 days, no cardio. Lifting and eating clean. Here are my results…the pictures speak for themselves. Put down the remote, turn off the commercial on the next big weight loss gimmick that promises a 6 pack by only doing 5 crunches on this magical machine a day and FOCUS ON YOUR NUTRITION. I promise you will get better results by focusing on nutrition for 1 month than you will with ANY magical machine, pill, or wrap on the market. Prove me wrong.

Now – I’m off to rock my photo shoot with my team of hot Shredded & Sexy ladies!

photo (8) photo (9)


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