No more “Count Downs”…

2013 has been more than life changing for me. As you may know, I competed in my first fitness competition in the bikini division at the WBFF Kansas City Central Championship in May 2013. It’s been quite a roller coaster of firsts for me this year. Even after reaching my goal of losing over 10% body fat for my show, and after stepping on stage for the first time and showing off my hard work…I feel like my fitness journey has just begun. Yes – I’ve been working out for years – but I feel like I’m at a point right now where I finally “get it”. I’ve taken my body through a lot of different experiences over these last 6 months. I’ve pushed myself to the limits, and I’ve made some really great progress. But all along the way – I felt like I was truly fighting myself. I was fighting the process, and I was fighting the reality of what it takes to get what I want. If only I could have set that aside – I think I would have had a much more enjoyable beginning of 2013. But everything is 20/20 in hindsight, right? I started to grow a healthy mindset, a strong body, and was achieving my goals left and right. But – I was truly fighting the process. What I mean is that I was looking at the whole process in the wrong light. I was living “short-term” and not truly making lifestyle changes. I was counting down the days until I could go back to the “old way” of things. This is the issue! And because of that mindset – I’ve had a pretty bad rebound from my show. Since I went back to my “old ways” – My body fat sky rocketed and I’ve put on 10 lbs since my show day. It’s only been a little over a month and my body fat is back up to 20%. This was eye opening for me. I worked my ASS off for 6 months to get down to 13% body fat, and within a matter of 1 month – I had allowed myself to get back up to 20%? Now – don’t get me wrong, 20% body fat is really good for a female. As you can see – I am still in the “Athlete” range. And 13% is not maintainable – I get that (now).


I am just happy I went in to see my Nutritionist at Elite Nutrition – J.R. Kingery, when I did! It opened my eyes and re-ignited that fire for me. I realized that I need to be in shape (not necessarily 13% body fat…but better than 20%), I need to be eating healthy, and I need to be pushing myself…not for a show or a definite period of time – but for life. I started keeping track of the times I was feeling depressed and recognized a trend. Every single time I felt depressed was after one of the following 4 things:

1) Missing a workout

2) Overeating

3) Engaging in unhealthy old habits

4) Drinking (Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy drunk…but drinking usually leads to all 3 of the preceding things)

So, what I mean when I say that I now “get it”, is that I’ve realized who I want to be and what role I want fitness to play in my life. It is a much bigger part than I realized before…it’s sort of like my therapy if that makes sense. It makes me a better ME. Being fit, eating healthy, and meeting my goals makes me happy…makes me a better person. Fitness isn’t just temporary for me…it’s a life long journey that I am embarking on and I am actually really excited to see where it can take me. Some of my role models (WBFF Pros), Aundrea Annin-Stoetzel and Jennifer Bohle, have really helped me come to this realization – whether they know it or not. I see what they are doing every day, and the life they are leading…incorporating fitness into their lives and making it a lifestyle – and it made me realize THAT is what I want. That is what I need to be happy with myself. It is important to me, and therefore – I need to make it a priority. I have realized that this isn’t short term…what I worked on for 6 months prior to this date is not lost…and I’m using it as a springboard to achieve greater goals in the future. I can’t sit around and complain about the things I’m not happy with – when I KNOW there is something I can be doing to change that. So – while I may have lost a little of what I worked so hard for coming into my show – I am not letting that STOP me from picking it back up TODAY. Stop telling yourself you’ll wait for tomorrow, or wait for Monday, or wait for whatever reason (excuse) you have to start a healthier lifestyle. Just START. Build that momentum and keep rolling.


So what’s next for this fit mama? My team, Shredded & Sexy, has been given a phenomenal opportunity to shoot with a fitness photographer coming to Omaha in 2 weeks. So – on July 20th, I’ll be doing a fitness/fashion photo shoot! I am so excited, and a little bummed that I have so much work to do in 2 weeks so that I look alright on camera! Camera adds 10 lbs, and unfortunately, it’s not muscle lbs. Oh well. I am going to kick it into high gear these next 2 weeks, and represent the BEST body and face of fitness I have to offer on July 20th. I am proud of who I am and what I’ve achieved and very excited to have the opportunity to capture that with a professional fitness photographer, Steven Smith.

So – onward and upward from here! I have a refreshed mindset, and I’m ready to embrace this journey, rather than fight it. I don’t want to count down the days until I can “go back” to a different lifestyle. This is my lifestyle, and I’m ready to live it. It’s a gift and I’m grateful.

Extra big thank you to my coach/trainer/bestie/lifecoach/bestpersonever – Aundrea Annin. Thank you for always believing in me. If anyone is aspiring to compete in a fitness competition – her Shredded & Sexy program will get you there! Whether you are local in Omaha, or elsewhere…you can train Online. She’s the BEST out there.



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