Forgive yourself first…forgive others, and allow yourself to feel the reality of your emotions and situations. And most importantly be present. Moving forward from your past can be hard. Many different events, circumstances, and people have helped shape the person you’ve become today. What you allowed yourself to explore and experience THEN is making your NOW.  Maybe you’re not happy with your past…you’re ashamed of it? Don’t be. Maybe your vision and memory of your past is shattered by some news you receive that changes what your past looks like. You might want to blame yourself…don’t do it. Sometimes we receive unexpected news and have an automatic response, “Well…that changes EVERYTHING!”. Let’s say, for instance, you HAD a relationship with someone (family, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, marriage) and had a certain image ingrained in your mind of what the relationship was. Time evolves, you move on, and something new comes to light. You find out that that person wasn’t who you thought they were, or your relationship wasn’t what you thought it was. Does that change the image you had of your past? Sure! But should it change the way you’re living your present and future? No. You’re at this point for a reason. Sometimes people become a victim of circumstance. Don’t let it happen. Continue living your present and future with conviction…with a purpose. Do not let your past detour your purpose.

When I think about some things in my past, even the relationship I had with myself back then – it is easy to become irritated and ashamed that I didn’t spend more time nurturing that. But hey- it got me to this very point I’m at today. Life is messy, it’s broken, and it’s oh so blissful and beautiful at the same time. Unexpected things will come up in your present, future, and even PAST….Just when you thought you put your past to bed – something rears it’s ugly head to haunt you. Acknowledge it, spend some time thinking about why this is coming up, explore that a little bit, and then move on. Live. That’s what we’re here to do….we’re here to have an experience. Make the most of it! Forgive yourself for things that are dragging you down (Money problems? Weight issues? Relationship issues?). Forgive others who are tied to those issues. And then focus on right NOW and what you can DO…what action you can take to move forward and live a healthy, happy life. Being at peace, living in harmony, and living a rich life all starts with forgiveness.


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