Big News!

Ok – so now that I can publicly talk about the fact that I’m PREGNANT (YAY!!)….I can now get back to talking about my fitness journey.  That’s why I’ve been MIA when it comes to blogging. The first line I want to type is always – OMG I’M PREGNANT. And then I have to remind myself…not yet, Ashlee…not yet. But now that I’m coming up on the 2nd trimester, my dr has given me the go ahead to tell the world! So excited! Little guy doesn’t know what to think about it all quite yet…he doesn’t like to share his mommy too much.

What do you give a 2 year old for his birthday?! ….Well of course a little brother or sister!

First – I should start by saying, I do have fitness goals – even while pregnant. Some people use pregnancy as an excuse (hate to say it) to be lazy, not eat right, and not take good care of themselves. But, guess what –  pregnancy is THE BEST time to be active, eat right, and take care of yourself! It is the most important time. The level of stress you carry, the nutrition you choose, the amount of sleep you get, the level of activity you have ALL plays into a successful, healthy pregnancy and baby. I am feeling so incredibly blessed to be in this position, and I want to do everything I can to ensure that I give my baby the best living environment in my belly for the next several months. 🙂

So – let’s go back to May 2013 real quick. I competed in my first bikini fitness show. It was a phenomenal experience and I must say that my body has NEVER in my entire life looked as good as it did on that day (and that’s 1 year after having a baby). Amazing, right? Well, I decided after that I wanted to start trying for baby #2.  It took awhile for my body to adjust after my show, for my body fat to increase, and for my cycle to regulate so that I could get pregnant. Luckily, it didn’t take long! I got pregnant in late July and found out shorty after. I was THRILLED! I kept active, kept lifting, kept running. When I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I had a really big scare (bleeding), which resulted in a trip to the E.R. and lots of tests. It turns out that 1) baby was ok! (phew!) 2) I have a subchorionic hemorrhage   So – long story short…what this all meant was that I had to take it EASY the first trimester.  By easy, I mean pelvic rest – no working out, lifting, running, or anything. If you know me, you know this was a MONSTER challenge!!! I don’t do the whole “rest” thing. Never have.  But I quickly realized that this is about supporting another life – I realized that this is NOT about me…this is about the health of my baby…and I will do anything and everything to protect that.

So what have the last 6 weeks looked like? Stressful at first because I’m not used to resting. But, towards the tail end of that 6 weeks, I had a change in perspective. Maybe this was God’s message to me – SLOW DOWN, ASHLEE. I needed that. I needed to learn how to just be…how to relax…how to put my selfish desires last. It was good for me. I had a follow up appointment on October 1st and the dr. cleared me for exercise and told me to ease into it. I was BEYOND excited. I wanted to do lunges to the parking lot (just kidding…kind of).

What I can say is that all of the rest and relaxation, frustration, weight gain, etc…none of that mattered when I was in this week for an ultrasound. I saw a little life inside of me, kicking and flipping and squirming. It just melted my heart. I fell in love so quickly. Nothing else mattered. I did the right thing by listening to my dr, putting my fitness LAST (hard to do)…and it was worth it.


So – I learned this valuable lesson thanks to this little squish.

It’s ok to slow down. It’s ok to relax. It’s ok to miss a workout….even if it’s 6 consecutive weeks of missing workouts. And for God sakes – it’s ok to eat a damn cookie without having worked out that day.  You will not die if all you can eat is carbs because you feel so nauseous all day. And guess what – the number on the scale doesn’t define your self worth!

Thanks little one – you sure are wise already.

So, here’s my plan over the course of the next several months – stay active, try to eat right, and most importantly – stay stress free and relax when I want. I am hoping the 2nd trimester brings energy and no nausea!!! I am in a blessed position right now to be pregnant, and I’m going to embrace that and enjoy it every step of the way. I’ve been through this before, so that helps. I understand my body is going to go through uncontrollable changes. I know it’s all temporary and it’s for a very good reason. I know that I can work out, eat right after baby and look better than ever, too! So for the time being – I’m not going to worry about my abs being gone, or about cellulite on my thighs (yea – it happens…).  Because in the big picture – who cares?! I’m blessed, I’m healthy, I’m happy, and I’m going to enjoy life. I’ve earned that right.

To all the fit mamas out there – I feel your pain and I know your struggles when it comes to body image and pregnancy. I’ve been there. My advice is this: Remember how blessed you are, and that to the people who truly love YOU and know the real YOU – it doesn’t matter what you look like. Focus not on what your body looks like, but what it’s capable of DOING. Can you believe it?! Have you fully grasped the fact that your body is capable of supporting and bringing another life into this world?! If that isn’t strong, then I don’t know what is! Women try and try for years, go through procedures, pay countless amounts of money to try to be in the position you’re in. So, don’t be selfish. Embrace this gift – and know that in God’s eyes you’re perfect in every way and shape in this life.

2nd Trimester is just around the corner!

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