2014 – Make it Stick!

With the new year upon us, it is common for everyone to take the time to reflect on the previous year and make promises for a better year to come.  People commonly shape their resolutions around fitness, faith, career moves, financial freedom, and overall happiness and wellness. It is during this time of year that people have the tendency to elevate their confidence in themselves enough to believe that they CAN make a lasting change on January 1, even though they’re not willing to try on December 31st. What is it about that magical date…the revolution of 365 days…that makes people feel slightly invincible against their own existence? How can you successfully move forward and make lasting, positive changes if you aren’t willing to take the time (yes – it takes TIME) to look introspectively to see what it is that’s been holding you back from the positive changes for the last 364 days in the year?

Face your limitations, be vulnerable, and accept yourself AS YOU ARE and as you’ve been for the last year. How else can you realistically confront the characteristics, qualities, behaviors, or patterns that you want to make or break in 2014? There is something refreshing in the NEW year…a renewed sense of motivation (see any gym parking lot on January 1) to become a better version of the person you were the previous year. I just wish the majority of people wouldn’t wait so long to begin the process.  What is wrong with any old Tuesday, anyway? If you’re one of those people who typically make promises to start/stop behavior XYZ on any given Monday, then there is a pretty strong chance that your desired behavior that you want to change is not going to stick. Why? It’s because you didn’t prepare, and you didn’t look inside to find your “why” behind the change you want to make. Really try to assess, “How is my life taking shape? What areas of my life need some work, what areas are no longer serving me justice, and what should I change because of that?” Ask yourself some meaningful questions to find the answer behind what you want to change.  Don’t make a promise to yourself that you’re going to become a better person overnight. Get a plan in place, WRITE IT DOWN, and begin taking the steps needed to transform yourself from the inside out.

I have a few resolutions for the new year – and it’s taken some serious introspection to figure out what it is that I truly need to work on to become a better version of me.

First – I am absolutely great at connecting with people via social media…e-mail…text…etc.  I think this is pretty common for most 20/30 something’s across the world. While that is great to stay connected in the way that we do – it seems that our generation is as isolated as ever! What happened to conversations at dinner, eye contact, TALKING…what’s that? So – in 2014 – I am going to work on connecting with more people. This is not to say that I’m disconnecting from social media at all (let’s not be silly), but I am going to work on relationships and connections with people…because relationships are important to me (there’s my “why”).

Second, I am going to be less judgmental.  This is a nasty habit that I have, and I don’t like it. I want to change it. I’ve taken some time to look inward and try to figure out why it is that I’m judging others, and mostly myself, on how they live their life or what it is they choose to do (or not do) with their time. A lot of the answers I came up with weren’t pretty and actually shot an arrow straight back into the black holes I call my insecurities.  I refer to my insecurities as black holes because they literally suck the life and energy out of anything that could be a remotely enjoyable experience for me. It gets messy when you start to look inward instead of deflecting your issues outward…messy, but it’s productive and healing. So – where is my “why” in this one?  I am working to heal my soul…because the judgment that I have towards myself and others all stems back to some not-so-pretty areas of my soul that need a little TLC.

Ahhhh and last, but not least (you knew it was coming), MY FITNESS GOAL for 2014!!!! So – as most know, I am having baby #2 in April. I’ve had some bumps in the road and setbacks as far as fitness goes with this pregnancy. I’ve had to take weeks off of lifting at times, and scale my weights and exertion wayyyy back. I don’t dig it…but it’s necessary…and I’ll do anything as long as it means a healthy pregnancy and baby! So – in 2014 (after baby), I am beginning to prepare for a comeback to the WBFF stage in 2015! I’ve given this one A LOT of thought. Some people may not agree with my decision to hit the stage again, and that’s ok…just keep those opinions to yourself, please!  I am actually really excited about this. I am going to be focusing majorly on muscle building for 2014 and into 2015, and then dialing in my body to showcase everything on stage in mid-2015. Working closely with my trainer and nutritionist will get me there! I am taking my experience from the first show I did and building upon that to bring in a better package in 2015. Building strength isn’t just an aesthetic look that I’m going for because I want to “look” a certain way. It represents far more than that.  I want to continue to inspire men and women (yes, even men) across the world to go after what you believe in…challenge yourself…and to be honest – just do something ballsy that gives you a rush!! It’s so empowering! I will forever carry with me my very first experience in the WBFF, on that stage; in those lights…I’ve never felt so strong and confident (mentally and physically). I know it’s not all about the “before and after” picture – but to look back at what I did to prepare in basically 5 months for my first show is mind blowing (see below).  The human body is truly amazing…it’s adaptable and responsive to the way YOU treat it. Treat yourself with love and care from the inside, and your exterior limitations you’ve put on yourself will begin to diminish. You’re truly capable of anything!

The body is capable of so much, you just have to get your mind right!
The body is capable of so much, you just have to get your mind right!

So, I’ll wrap it up with this…as we go into 2014…if you want to make some lasting changes in your life, take some time first to look inward and see what your road blocks currently are. Accept your limitations and let go of any denial and resentment you carry (towards yourself or others). Accept the person you are TODAY. If you can do that – you will be able to embrace the person you are striving to become tomorrow.  It’s an extremely important and hard practice to master – but it’s a must if you want to make changes for a better tomorrow. Practice! Practice! Practice!


One thought on “2014 – Make it Stick!

  1. Great goals. I hope you have a better baby experience than I had with Calla. She has been extremely difficult and has put a damper on my exercise goals. Keep inspiring little lady.

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