Back to Shredded & Sexy

It’s been awhile! Life got pretty hectic after I was blessed with another baby boy on April 22nd! Eli Cruz joined our family and life has only gotten richer since then. Yes – I’m exhausted and stressed…but I’ve never been happier at the same time. I am relishing in this precious time that I have on Maternity Leave with the little guy. Now that I’m getting a tad bit more sleep and had some time to really think about what my goals will be over the next year – I wanted to make sure that I’m able to share them with everyone. As we all know – accountability is huge. Sharing my goals with the masses helps keep me on track! I’ve tried to keep things realistic, yet still challenging. I am a mom of 2 now, with a husband who travels for work, and also going to be working full time again in July. I have a lot going on! However – fitness has always been a priority. I am bursting with excitement to get back in the gym, get my nutrition back on track, and work hard to get the results that I’m looking for.

As a little kick start, I am starting an 8 week program with about 20 other women. My trainer, Aundrea Annin Stoetzel formed this group as a way for us women to rally around each other and hold one another accountable as we all get “Back to Shredded & Sexy”.  Many of the women (including my trainer) are mothers…so it’s nice that we can all relate to one another along this journey.  I am going to have to ease into the workouts and cardio, as I am only almost 4 weeks post-partum.  However, I am starting on Monday with the rest of the group on the nutrition side of things. ..which to me is the most challenging part! The HIIT is going to have to wait well as the heavy lifting. But – we all have to start somewhere! I feel like I am starting completely over. I was in the best shape of my life in May of 2013…and now (only a year later!) I am back at square 1. Granted – I brought a precious life into this world…I am still starting over. And you know what…that is ok! I wouldn’t trade my post pregnancy body for anything…it accomplished an amazing feat! I am proud of it, owning it, and looking now to improve it even more.

A lot of people have asked me if I’m going to do another show. The verdict is still out on that one. I think yes…but I have so much work to do to get there. That is a long term goal…and for now, I am staying focused on the short term. I will say that my long term goal is to pack on the muscle. I came in great for my first show… but still skinny. I have a hard time putting on muscle. So, I definitely want to build over the next year to get a better looking physique if I do another show in 2015.

Back to the short term fitness goals…over the next 8 weeks, I want to:

1)      Stay on point with nutrition

2)      Decrease body fat by at least 5%

3)      Add 2-3 lbs of muscle

4)      Rock a bikini with confidence by August 1st!

And…more importantly…be the BEST mom I can be to my beautiful boys through the whole process. I plan to involve them in my cardio sessions outside for sure! Lead by example!

And now – the question to all of you…what are your fitness goals for the summer? Even if you aren’t doing the same 8 week program as me, share your challenges and what your goals are (publicly or private message me) . Join me on the 8 week ride and let’s see what kind of results we can all achieve over the summer! I love to keep people motivated in their own journey!

I will be posting more blogs over the next 8 weeks, as well as some progress pics…however, I’m not quite confident enough yet to share the starting pics! Yikes! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Back to Shredded & Sexy

  1. I am excited to start the Back to Shredded and Sexy journey with amazing women like you! I am blessed with 2 little boys as well and wouldn’t trade them for the world but fitness is definitely a priority and should be when you are a mom. You have to be the “best” you in order to be the best mommy for them!! I am excited to see your progress over the 8 weeks. I am wanting to get in the best shape ever so that this fall I can hopefully get prego again and make it easier on my body! Thanks for sharing your story!!

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