365 Days to the Stage!

With the WBFF Worlds show in Las Vegas approaching this coming weekend, I thought “what better time to make the big announcement!?” So – with that said, I’m putting it out there – I will be stepping on that glorious stage once again in 2015! In typical “Ashlee fashion”…I’m doing it BIGGER, BETTER, and hell – entering the TOUGHEST competition that WBFF has. Because, well….why wouldn’t I? The BEST of the best will be joining me in competing in Las Vegas next August. This includes my trainer/bestie/beast mode fellow strong, hot mama Aundrea Annin-Stoetzel. With her PRO status, she will be competing against all the other Pros in the WBFF world. And little old me? Well I will be in the Amateur  division…kicking butt in my 6 inch heels like it’s my job.

I started my journey with the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) in May of 2013 when I competed in the Bikini Diva category at the Kansas City Central Championship show. I will say that in that moment, on that stage, was one of the most memorable moments of my life. Doing that show wasn’t about the prizes, the amazing body, etc. (not for me, anyway). For me, getting up there was a statement. It was a challenge. It was a defining moment in my life where I conquered so many things that had been dragging me down for YEARS. I came out of that mentally stronger than I had ever been. I inspired so many  people in their own journey, AND I happened to get in the best shape of my life to top it off. Can’t beat that, right?


Since then, I got pregnant in July of 2013 with baby #2. I ate whatever the heck I wanted (and what I could tolerate) for 9 months, and stayed active every chance I got. I still packed on a good 40+ pounds.  I expected such, as the same thing happened with my first pregnancy. But – not to worry, I knew it would come off quick. Coming out of my show in 2013 and being in such good shape definitely set me up for success. I was able to start working out again only 3 weeks after having my baby…slow and steady…but I was getting it in. I was back into my old clothes within 12 weeks after baby, and while the number on the scale is still a tad higher than it used to be, I don’t care. I worked my ass off growing a precious little baby who is healthy and happy, and that’s all that matters.

photo (15)

What else has changed? I am studying to get certified as a Personal Trainer! I just want to be able to help and inspire as many people as possible. My own journey has given me a great platform for inspiring others, and I want to expand upon that. I am excited about the opportunity to help others make their dreams come true, break through mental and physical barriers, and take control of their lives through fitness.

So – all in all – this little mama has a LOT going on. I’m working full time with 2 kids, studying, and also beginning to train for that Worlds stage.  I will be blogging much more frequently, keeping everyone updated on my progress, and looking for support along the way! The accountability piece is huge. Now that it’s out there – I promise not to disappoint. Big things happening in 2015…and I’m SO excited.

This is where I’m starting:

August 2014

Weight: 127

Body Fat: 24%

Let’s see what I can do in 1 year! On a mission!



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