Think Before You Post!

We’ve all done it. I’ve been guilty of it…you probably have, too. Some of the physically fittest people on earth are guilty of it as well. Take a guess at what I’m talking about. Any idea?

BASHING YOURSELF on public social media sites. I’m talking specifically about people who are looked at as “role models” and mentors in fitness. For the love of everything holy….STOP! I’ ve seen it time and time again. There are progress photos or throwback stage photos (from like a week prior) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…whatever site you choose…with captions such as “ugh feeling fluffy…not as tight as I used to be…feeling bulky…need to drop the FAT…need to get back to that stage body…off season pudge…” <–These are all real things I’ve come across on social media. Sorry if one of these are YOURS…but I’m calling you out. STOP. You’re damaging more than just your own self-esteem…and it’s ugly.

What brought this sudden urge to speak out against this…besides the posts I’ve seen lately? My own posts from 5-6 years ago…oh man…talk about embarrassing. Who was that girl? Literally all of my posts were in line with this…self-hate. Not cool. Keep in mind that I was maybe 100 lbs while posting this below. What kind of message was I sending to someone who was in a normal weight range…or even overweight? I HATE that I may have been sending a message to them that they were not “ok” just because of how much I hated who I was then. Some people may have seen this post as a “haha…very funny” kind of post…but in my crazy head – I was DEAD SERIOUS. Ew

Now – I will say that it is YOUR life and you can do whatever the hell you want/say whatever you want…who am I to tell you what to do.  But – I do have a reason for this rant. I’m speaking up for the dozens of people rolling their eyes at your senseless comments and photos. People look to you for motivation…people look to you for positivity and as an example. PLEASE do not put in their head that once they achieve their fitness goals they are going to start to hate on their body like you do. You may deter someone who is looking to get fit. You may turn away someone who is looking to make that lifestyle change. Why would they want to end up on Facebook making negative comments about themselves like they see you doing? THEY DON’T. So they may just go eat their feelings instead…because that’s easier. Sad but true.

Additionally – think about what kind of message you’re sending. Do you think someone who is overweight and struggling every second of every day with their food decisions and exercise habits wants to see your perky booty with a caption of “I wish I looked better”? No – gag me. The regular Joe doesn’t want to see that either.

I will say that I used to partake in this “self hate” kind of behavior…but I’ve stopped. And you should, too. Give it a thought. And THINK before you take the next photo of your ripped abs and say, “I used to have an 6 pack and now it’s a 4…better start cutting”.

LOVE YOURSELF…and be a positive light in someone else’s life.


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