Help for the Holidays

Alright folks…this is going to be a very different post than what you would normally get from me. I wanted to share something going on in my family that we are asking and praying for help with. December 13th around 10:40am, my dad’s car was stolen right in front of his house…broad daylight, in a matter of seconds. Inside of it were all of his tools…with a brand new toolbox that he just got. It’s heartbreaking and I can’t understand why this would happen to such a great man.

A little back story…my dad, 66 year old “retired” veteran, went back to work to make ends meet. He worked as a printer/copier technician for most of his life after the Air Force, and supported my entire family with that career. Retirement came and went and he was back to work within no time. He was contracted by a company to service printers and copiers in the local and surrounding towns of Omaha, NE. This required that he drive hundreds of miles a day at times to complete all of his service calls.He needed a more reliable car. My brother was working at a car dealership and sold him a 1990 pristine condition Honda Accord that served his needs. My dad didn’t have the money to purchase the car. I didn’t hesitate to loan my dad the $2000 to get the car he needed so that he could work to make ends meet. My dad gave me and my family everything growing up, so I am always eager to help him when I can. He paid me back every dime of that $2000 just a week ago. So, you can imagine the heartbreak he felt to have something that he owned taken from him. He’s a simple man, and doesn’t need or want much…just the necessities. And now one of his necessities is gone.

Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad

My dad lives in a trailer park in Council Bluffs, IA. In order to help keep his neighborhood safe, my dad bought some security cameras that look up and down his street. The thieves obviously had no idea that they would be caught on camera in a trailer park of all places. Here is a photo…What you don’t see is the white female in the driver seat…she was accompanied by 2 males – one shown standing at the car door, and the other shown getting back into the car they came in (1994-1997 Honda Accord with aftermarket tail lights).

Thieves were 2  Males and 1 white female.
Thieves were 2 Males and 1 white female.

My brother and I have started this Go Fund Me account to help my dad replace his tools and put towards getting him another car. It would mean a lot if you all would like and share this information, in hopes of finding the thieves, and also replacing what was taken. Thank you in advance, and Happy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Help for the Holidays

  1. Hi Ashlee! My name is Sidney Coats and I’m a reporter with FOX42 here in Omaha. I saw your page and was wondering if you’d want to sit down and do an interview today about what happened? My goal would be to spread the word so hopefully we can get your dads car back, and raise money to help him out. I’m available all day- please give me a call at (480) 225-2222 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!



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