30’s Aren’t So Bad After All!

Winding down from such an amazing weekend. I turned the big 30! I celebrated with friends who tied the knot, took our first family road trip to see family in St. Louis, and somehow still have energy to write this at midnight.

So, I am approximately 12 weeks out from my show (holy hell)!! I may have indulged a bit this weekend as a final farewell to my beloved red wine, sweets, and naughty carbs. I loved every second of it, too! No guilt here. These next 12 weeks are going to be tough. I already know. It’s not easy committing to doing a show. There’s the endless hours spent in the gym, posing sessions, food prep, selecting a bikini, connectors, shoes, jewelry, figuring out hair and makeup, coordinating flight/hotel, AND paying for it all (yucky!). But I love the sport. I really do. And yes, being a bikini competitor is a sport. Watch me in the gym for a week and try to tell me I’m not an athlete.

I noticed a funny perception people have about these “bikini competitions”. Let me just set the record straight. There is a MASSIVE difference between Hooters bikini comps and fitness bikini comps. Unless you’ve done a show yourself (or been by someone’s side who is show prepping), you’ll never understand the magnitude of what it takes to get to the stage. It’s not all glitz and glam, strut your stuff, and smile pretty. It’s calloused hands from heavy lifting, it’s an occasional injury or setback of some sort here and there, it’s sporting that sweaty gym look more than you’d like because your short on time and energy, it’s counting your macros and drinking gallons of water for months, it’s throwing on 6 inch heels to practice posing for a half hour after cardio and lifting for 2 hours, and it’s doing it all with a smile because you’re the one that chose to commit to doing a show. Sure there are times that I’m a flat out BITCH because I’m hungry, tired, and sore. I apologize ahead of time for that. But, to me, it’s all worth it! I love it. Oh – and I’m a mom and wife first…so there’s that, too! So, yes I’m tired. But I’m happy!

I did my first show to prove to myself that I could do it. That I could commit to something like that and follow through. I knew I wouldn’t WIN, and I still felt insecure even a couple days before my show. However, something happened when I finally stepped on stage. I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and confidence. I can’t even describe it! It was amazing. I was on cloud 9 and was pretty sure I should win first place. Ha! I didn’t even get top 5. HOWEVER, I did get Crowd Fave! That show really proved to me that I can do just about anything. It was a great experience.

With that being said, I’ll have you all know that with my next show I want to kick some ass. I know I can get to the stage and look good doing it. But I want to be better than I was before. I refuse to show up on stage looking the same. I must beat the former version of myself. And I will.

Watch me work and cheer a sister on! I’m going to need it!! I have to give a big giant shout out to my partner in crime, my double mint twin, the double to my ‘A’, WBFF fitness PRO, Aundrea Stoetzel. Thanks for always pushing me to be better. You inspire me daily. Love you, girl! So happy to have you by my side through this!!



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