10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Body Fat

1) You’re not being kind to yourself.

Let’s say you have a best friend who is trying to lose weight. She’s stuck, she’s frustrated, and she wants to give up. What kind of advice do you offer someone you love? Instead of belittling yourself at the slightest set back, offer the same kindness to yourself and you’ll get much further.

2) You’re not being patient.

Oh you’ve been practicing mindful eating for a week and the scale hasn’t moved? Tell me more about how easily you give up on what you call your BIG goals. You have to set small, incremental goals that will get you to your BIG goals. Not all of these goals should be focused around numbers, either.

3) One of the simplest things you can do: DRINK. No, not vodka. Put that down and focus. WATER!

Aim to drink your bodyweight in ounces of water (or at least half!). Think of water as your body’s natural cleanser. (People like the word cleanse…paying attention now?) No, you don’t need to do a juice cleanse, fruit cleanse, cookie and pancakes diet, (ok I made that one up because I’m hungry) or a cayenne pepper lemon water concoction that tastes terrible. I repeat, you DON’T have to do what the fads tell you to do! Stick to the basics. Drink H2O. Lots.

4) Stop doing so much damn cardio!

You know that one girl at the gym who runs, and then she runs more, and then surprise surprise, she KEEPS RUNNING. Every day. I hate to say it, but excessive cardio is not the answer! Shredding body fat is a little more complicated than calories in/calories out. If you do it wrong, you end up burning muscle, not fat.

5) You’re working out to earn your calories.

Before I start on my solid workout and eating plan, I’m going to eat every bad thing in the house so it doesn’t tempt me. I’ll work it off this week. (Wrong!) I’m going to eat this entire pizza because I ran 10 miles today. (Um no, you don’t earn food rewards for being active. You’re not a dog.) I was at the gym for 3 hours today…I’m getting donuts. (Mmmmk, tell me about how you want to see your abs again?) Sound familiar? You CAN’T outwork a bad diet. You just can’t. Sorry.

6) You’re staying up too late.

Late to bed, early to rise. This is our culture. Nothing healthy goes in our mouths after 9/10pm. This is typically when cravings hit. You’re getting hungry after having dinner at 6pm AND a snack at 8pm? That’s great, refer to number 3. Drink that goodness and go to bed. I promise you will live. You may wake up hungry…and this is normal, my friend.

7) You’re restricting fats.

I’m on this new diet where I don’t eat any fat and only fat free foods! Oh you are? That’s fun. How’s your energy level? Are you feeling irritable and tired? I bet. Fats (especially for women) are essential! Good fats can raise your HDL (good cholesterol) and lower your LDL (bad cholesterol). Good fats can actually help prevent belly fat! Yes, you read that correctly. Eating fat DOES NOT make you fat. Eating a dozen donuts makes you fat. So knock that off and add in some avocado, coconut oil and almonds.

8) You’re restricting carbs.

The body NEEDS carbs. Carbs are your body’s main source of fuel. Running on no carbs will leave your brain foggy, your body tired, and your attitude in a not-so-pleasant state. Don’t be afraid of the dreaded “C” word. Some good carbs would be beans, quinoa, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, squash, and rice. Incorporate those into your diet and you’ll look, feel and perform much better.

9) You’re too obsessed with wanting to LOOK a certain way.

You’re structuring your goals around wanting to look a certain way. Now, aesthetic goals are always nice to have. Don’t get me wrong! BUT- I guarantee if you were to shift your mindset to having more emphasis on goals related to what your body is capable of doing and how it’s feeling and performing, you would see physical changes faster. The more athletic you become, the less body fat you’re going to carry. What am I hinting at? Start a weight training program and fuel your body appropriately. Don’t be afraid of the barbells, ladies!! I promise you won’t get “bulky”. I lift 5x a week and structure my goals around lifting heavier and performing more athletically. Am I bulky?


10) PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE! You have to let go of who you were…to fully become who you want to be.

Many times clients come to me with big goals of becoming this new, fit, confident, full of energy type of person. I LOVE that. I do. And I will help you get there. But, for the love of all things Holy…please please please be willing to put in the mental work of letting go of the old you. The overweight you. The tired and depressed you. The self-defeating you. The low self-esteem you. Say goodbye to her. She’s history. Focus on taking steps to become the new you every day. The old you will try to pull you back. Don’t let her. The old you will tell you it’s more comfortable to be how you were. Don’t listen. The old you will tell you that YOU WILL FAIL. Screw the old you. I’m here to help you transform mentally and physically. And guess what – you can’t transform physically without transforming mentally as well. If you try to, chances are that the physical changes won’t stick. Try this exercise:

Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle creating 2 columns. On the left, list the unwanted characteristics you possess now. On the right, list the characteristics of the person that you want to become. Day by day, work on telling yourself that you ARE those things on the right side of the paper. Cross out the unwanted characteristics on the left side. Visualizing those characteristics disappearing will help you transform. Slowly but surely, you WILL become representative of all of the characteristics on the right side of the paper. It won’t be easy. It will take work. And I’m here to help you…as long as you want to help yourself. Let’s go!


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