ViSalus – Why I’m joining this Movement

Who has at least 10 lbs they want to lose in 90 days (and are also fully committed to taking it off)? I WANT to work with you. Reach out to me, regardless of where you live. 👍 
I want to answer a few very important (and common) questions upfront:
1) You’re now a ViSalus promoter. Are you going to try to sell me something? 
Yes. Yes I am. I’m going to try to sell you on an investment in your health and future.  Why? Because what you’re spending your money on right now (fast food, junk, bad habits) can be redirected to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t ask for the help unless you’re willing to make some changes. I’m no miracle worker, and I’m also very honest. Be honest with yourself and realistic with your goals and let’s get to work. 💪💪

2) Do I have to use those products to work with you?
Absolutely not! I became a promoter after realizing how much more I can be helping people on the nutrition side of things. Nutrition is 80% of the equation with weight loss. I can give you a kickass workout all day long, but if you fill your body with junk-it’s no good. You can’t outwork a bad diet. I am beyond passionate about fighting obesity and type 2 diabetes. I will not rest until I’ve helped everyone I possibly can.
3) Can’t I just eat clean and get results?
Well yes!! That’s the goal. But how has that been working for you thus far? The majority of the population can’t change years of bad habits over night, begin meal prepping every Sunday and eat pre-measured meals every day. It’s not realistic (or very enjoyable). The reason I embarked on this journey is because ViSalus offers a system, a community of support, endless amounts of education and information on nutrition, healthy recipes, and amazing products to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle easier, which makes results come FASTER. 
Bottom line-I’m in this because I want to help as many people as possible. There’s no telling how long we all have on this Earth and it’s my goal to change as many people’s lives and health as I can. I truly care. So let me know if I can be part of your weightloss journey. I would be honored. 

Visit my website to get started or shoot me a message and let’s get rolling!


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