Baby Number 3!

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to blog about this pregnancy. I feel I give everyone A LOT of updates on FB anyway (probably more than most care about)! So – I’m going this route…if you want to keep up on my pregnancy – follow my blog!  I think this is something that I would like to look back on. This could be my last pregnancy…you never know! If it’s up to my husband, it’s my last. But we all know that I have the tendency to convince him if I want something bad enough. Happy wife = happy life.

So – let’s go back to the start of this. My husband and I knew we wanted another baby, but were contemplating when the right time would be. But is there ever a right time? Not really. We knew there would be a trip to the Dominican in April 2016, so we contemplated waiting until after that trip. However – for some reason I had the extreme urge to just make it happen and deal with the trip being pregnant…I didn’t care. So (I’ll spare you the details) we got pregnant! I wasn’t expecting it to happen so easily, but we are truly blessed and it did. 2 for Team Blue…so far ZERO for Team Pink. Which team are we adding to?!


The start of my pregnancy was a little rocky with nausea and exhaustion. The nausea was honestly worse than the exhaustion. My diet was real diverse, consisting of ramen noodles and potato soup. Those were the only things I could stomach! It was awful. The thought of veggies, meat, anything remotely healthy made me want to puke. I think the ACTUAL reason they advise people not to tell the world they are pregnant in the first trimester is because all we would do is BITCH. Lol! I’m tired…I’m nauseous…This sucks…etc. The first trimester is just no fun physically!

My first appointment was at 9w5d. I had to find a new OB because my previous one that delivered my first 2 babies wasn’t delivering anymore. I was VERY sad! However, I did some research and consulted some of my friends who worked at the hospital. I got the low down on who they would suggest for an OB. I am very happy with my new OB…even with the limited interaction we’ve had, she’s been wonderful. My husband and I went to that first appointment together. My doctor found the heartbeat right away! What a relief. It’s always scary waiting to hear the first sign of life…and when you hear that little heartbeat it’s like a million lbs is lifted off your chest. It was nice and high like the rest of my pregnancies (160’s). And while we are on heartbeats – I firmly believe the baby’s heartrate DOESN’T matter when predicting the sex. I have 2 boys and they both had high heart rates, which old wives tales would normally predict being girls! Anyway – back to my appointment…normally she said she wouldn’t be doing an ultrasound because we had no problem finding the heartbeat, however since I was measuring bigger than I should be at that point, she decided she wanted to do an ultrasound to check for multiples. SAY WHAT? You should have seen the look on my husband’s face! And mine probably, too. So, we waited for her to wheel in the ultrasound machine and get things moving (longest minute of our lives). She found the little baby right away and measured it’s head to rump, which came out to be right at 10 weeks…so pretty much right on! We weren’t sure why I was measuring so big, but my due date was confirmed and we only saw 1 baby at least.


My pregnancy continued pretty uneventful for the next 4 weeks and my nausea subsided literally the day I turned 12 weeks (Hallelujah!!!). Because I wasn’t eating much at the start, I had only gained about 2 lbs in that first trimester. My appetite CERTAINLY picked up and I have begun packing it on, but still trying to watch what I eat. I am trying to make healthy choices, but not on any sort of a diet.

Probably the only time I don’t care how much I’m eating or how much weight I’m gaining (as long as it’s in a healthy range) is during pregnancy. This is not the time to be concerned with the scale. If I relied on the scale for happiness, it would be a let down every single day and completely suck the joy out of my pregnancy. I try to watch my portions and remain healthy and active and that’s good enough for this mama. As I stand right now at almost 18 weeks, I am up about 7-9 lbs depending on the day.

What am I doing to stay active this pregnancy? I am participating in a challenge where I am doing a 5k every day for 90 days (and hopefully beyond). I am a little over a month into that challenge and it’s been going great! I walk for the most part, and try to jog some. My round ligament pain has kicked in a bit, as well as Braxton Hicks contractions already, so I listen to my body and rest when I need to. I am still lifting weights on average 2 times a week, which is not as much as I would like, however it’s what my body is telling me it can handle right now.

At 18 weeks, I will say that my exhaustion just doesn’t seem to want to go away. With my 2 prior pregnancies I got my energy back and the second trimester was amazing! This time around, this little baby is STILL just sucking the energy right out of me. I don’t feel like me. I am lazy and tired MOST of the time…it’s been a struggle. I have to nap almost every single day still. However – I am recently feeling my baby move and squirm, which brings me so much happiness. It’s all worth it. The weight gain, the tiredness, the moodiness, the “not feeling yourself”…it’s ALL worth it.

At each subsequent appointment, I have continued to measure about 4 weeks ahead. I of course have some concerns…Do I have too much amniotic fluid?; Is there a twin hiding in there?; Am I just going to have a GIANT baby? WHAT. IS. GOING. ON? I never measured ahead with my boys. My doctor explained it is normal to deviate within 2 cm of the week you are at. So, for example if you are 18 weeks, it would be normal to measure 16-20. I am measuring 22 at 18 weeks. So, a little higher than normal. It wasn’t enough to send her into a frenzy, so I am trying to contain my crazy thoughts as well. We will know more at my 20 week scan. My husband and I don’t find out the sex of our babies during pregnancy, so I will just be relieved to see ONE healthy baby at that appointment. 🙂

So there you have it – a quick recap of the last 18 weeks! Now that I’m caught up, I will be posting after every appointment! My due date is somewhere in the range of 7/11-7/16. I should have a definite date in a couple weeks!


As for the trip to the Dominican that I mentioned in April, this pregnant mama is sitting her butt at home because of the Zika Virus. I am extremely bummed as I had to miss the last Incentive trip my husband earned because I was TOO pregnant to fly (yes – these are all expense paid trips). That one was to Maui. I think my husband owes me one hell of a Push Present?! (ahem…husband…) It kind of goes to show you that God works in funny ways. We knew we wanted another baby and had originally planned on waiting to try until after April. I woke up one day and said we needed to just do it…something was telling me it needed to be done NOW! Well there you have it – I would rather be pregnant through the winter and deliver by early July before the mosquitoes get too crazy. The last thing I want to stress about is the Zika Virus…as mosquitos are absolutely DRAWN to my blood. I get attacked every year! I think this was just God’s way of keeping my little babe safe. ❤


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