Half Way There! 20 Weeks!

Over the course of the last few weeks, I feel like I’m definitely LOOKING more pregnant than ever. It’s funny how one day you just wake up and suddenly feel very pregnant. I had that day. There is no sucking this belly in. There is no hiding it. It’s out for the world to see! Except not touch…I’m weird about that.


With this being my 3rd pregnancy – I definitely want to talk about how different it is vs. my first 2.


Pregnancy 1: Lucky Charms…so many bowls of Lucky Charms!

Pregnancy 2: Early on…eggs eggs eggs. Later on…Grilled Cheese ALL DAY LONG.

Pregnancy 3: Early on…Potato soup. Now…Toast with strawberry jelly.


With all 3 pregnancies I’ve had an aversion to meat. GAG. The thought of eating a piece of chicken makes me want to vomit. Also veggies….NO THANK YOU. With this pregnancy, it is getting better now…I will eat meat and veggies as long as I don’t prepare it. Something about the preparation of it makes me sick.

Worst Part of Pregnancy:

Pregnancy 1: Literally the easiest/best pregnancy. I hardly felt pregnant and wasn’t overly tired. I was never sick. The worst part was my long labor and delivery. Just over 17 hours of labor…90 minutes of pushing that included vomiting every time I had to push hard with a contraction. I guess I’ll take that over having a rough 9 months of pregnancy!

Pregnancy 2: Stress! I had some bleeding early on (subchorionic hemorrhage) and placenta previa that thankfully ended up resolving, but man did it cause A LOT of stress. I was on workout/lifting restrictions nearly the entire time. It was tough mentally. Very tough. Labor and delivery was QUICK! I labored for about 4 hours once I got to the hospital, and it only took a few pushes. Easy!

Pregnancy 3: So far, this has been the most EXHAUSTING pregnancy. I don’t even know what to compare it to. Have you ever been so tired that it hurts to even keep your eyes open? I feel that way even after 10 hours of sleep. This baby is absolutely DRAINING. My energy is extremely low. I was very nauseous early on…so that was new for me, but it thankfully got better around 12 weeks. This exhaustion doesn’t seem to want to go away just yet. I would also say I’m less emotional and more bitchy with this pregnancy. I was a sensitive sally with my boys’ pregnancies. Now I’m kind of a raging bitch. Woops.

Weight Gain:

Pregnancy 1: I started out around 115 lbs and ended up around 160…so about 45 lbs gained. I was very skinny and ran a lot, so not much muscle on my bones…hence the lower starting weight. Carter was 7lb14oz and 21 inches, born 3 days before due date.

Pregnancy 2: I started out around 120 lbs and ended up around 165…so again…about 45 lbs gained. By this pregnancy, I had been lifting regularly and held onto some muscle, so my starting weight was a tad higher. Eli was 8lb5oz and 20.75 inches, born just 2 days before his due date.

Pregnancy 3: Even more years of lifting and building muscle, so I started out around 125 lbs and so far the weight gain has been slower, which is ok…still on track. At 20 weeks, I am up 12 lbs. I am guessing I will still end up around 160’s, since that is what my body tends to do, which I am ok with!

If I HAD to guess just based on how I’m feeling and Mother’s intuition – I would say that this little baby is a girl. I had dreams early on with both my previous pregnancies about the sex and they were accurate. This time I had a dream early on about a girl with dark hair…so we shall see! I am 100% content with whatever God gives me!

I had my 20 Week ultrasound today, which I’ve been SO looking forward to. I get anxiety about the health of my babies. I worry that something is wrong, which is terrible…but I just like to have confirmation that everything is as it should be. So, a lot of anticipation going into this 20 week ultrasound today! I was also consistently measuring about 3-4 weeks ahead, so I wanted to make sure everything was ok.

The ultrasound went great! Baby looked wonderful (only 1 baby thankfully!!!). Baby was very active and photogenic for us, which was fun! The heartrate was 153. I am 19w6d today and the baby measured 20w5d…so not too far ahead. Nothing concerning there. My fluid level was normal and everything else was 100% normal and healthy.

Baby is waving “Hi”!

As the ultrasound tech is capturing these awesome images, I can’t help but become overwhelmed with how blessed I am. I walked out of the office crying just looking at the photos. For me to be SO blessed to never have lost a baby, never dealt with the heartache of a miscarriage, have 3 perfectly healthy children, and for my own health to be outstanding – I can’t even ask for anything greater than that. What have I done to be so blessed? I am just thankful. So thankful.

One thing that has been getting me down is how tired I’ve been. I had the doctor draw some blood today to check my iron and thyroid, so hopefully those come back normal. I am just DRAINED. Could it be that I already have 2 little ones I’m chasing around? Maybe. But damn I’m tired.

OK – now for the fun stuff – more pics of the babe!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Immediately when I saw the baby’s profile – it reminded me of Carter’s profile picture at 20 weeks. They have the same little button nose. Here is a little comparison of Carter (top), Eli (middle), and new baby (bottom).

What do you guys think? Total triplets! Maybe it’s a 3rd boy after all! Either way – I’m just over the moon today with happiness. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes. I feel extremely blessed!


Here’s to the next 20 weeks!


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